02. Teach Coding with Music.

This is next version of V01 prototype.

We focused more on mobile interaction. 
There is a software which guides kids to play random music by using "coding." 
It is more like "gaming experience" with color blocks. 


How it works.

01. The software gives a mission to the kids.
02. Each color blocks have their own melodies. 
03. The kids should think and arrange blocks carefully to solve the problems. 
04. When kids accomplished the mission, the product makes music based on how blocks are arranged by kids.
05. This is the way how kids make some nice music by using “coding”


(Video) This is how the product works with color blocks and make music.

Most of you would not understand what this video talks about....but we tried.




Currently, we are working on main circuit board. (Trying to build a whole model, just to see how kids interact with this product.)