01. Teach Coding with Music.

We have been working to make an educational toy that teaches kids how to learn "coding". Here, we are talking about "coding" as a way of thinking, not a programming language.

This is the first prototype.


Product Rendering

A product guides kids to create their own music with different color blocks which make sounds.
This is for kids age of 3~5. Kids can naturally learn the programming mind such as command, loop or function by making music.

Beginning from sketch.

We studied and sketched a blue-print of the prototype. We designed and framed the concept by calculating numbers and drawing on the board.



Just to see the scale and function works properly, we tested the concept, made light version of a prototype with laser cutter and plywood.



2 developers and 1 designer worked on designing 3D model and circuits. We used five 3D printers to print out the parts at once.


Assembly and learning from failure.

As you can see above, too many disorganized lines and circuits caused a short circuit. Ended up in a trash can. :(